Is it Paint or Wallpaper ?

Interiors are what make your house your home. While furniture is important, nothing will look right unless your walls are on point. Whether you use paint or wallpaper in your home, walls have a huge impact on your home’s aesthetic.

If you’re decorating your home, focus on your walls first. Before you’ve chosen a colour scheme, you need to decide what will be on your walls.

It’s a big decision. If you make the wrong choice, it could end up being an expensive mistake that you’re going to have to look at every day!

When in doubt, consult an interior designer. They’ll help you make the choice right for you and your home.

Before you decide, read our list of the benefits and detriments of each.

Is Paint or Wallpaper (or Both) Better For Your Home? - Wallpaper

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Life Span and Durability

Wallpaper is durable. A good quality, thick selection can last up to fifteen years, which is good news if you don’t want to make a habit of decorating (it’s usually a massive upheaval).

You can wipe many wallpapers clean, which is a godsend if you have kids or pets. It also stands up to wear and tear, so it will survive bumps and scrapes.

Paint won’t last as long, but this can be a good thing if you change your mind or your style a lot!

Imperfect Walls

If your walls are uneven, wallpaper can hide a multitude of sins. It can be a quick fix if you don’t fancy getting out the plaster. It’s worth remembering that some are difficult to take off.

Changing paint colour is much easier than stripping wallpaper, so keep that in mind. It might be worth the effort of fixing up imperfect walls if you redecorate often.

Is Paint or Wallpaper (or Both) Better For Your Home? - Paint

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Type of Room

If you have a small room, paint can bring a bright and airy feel and make it feel bigger. If you have a spacious room, wallpaper can bring an element of cosiness and make it feel much more homely.

It’s also important to remember that it doesn’t work well in rooms that are humid. So, don’t use it in the kitchen or bathroom. The steam and water can cause the paper to peel, so it’s best to stick with plaster or tiles for these rooms.

Is Paint or Wallpaper (or Both) Better For Your Home? - Wallpaper 2

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Both wallpaper and paint come in countless varieties. If you need a particular shade, you might want to go for paint. You can have it mixed to your needs, so you don’t have to agonise over matching.

Wallpaper also comes in so many different styles, patterns and shades. It can add so much character and style to a room that a plain paint pales in comparison.

Digital advances make it easier and cheaper than ever to get ahold of intricate designs. It comes down to taste: what look you’re going for and what type of furniture you have.


Another plus of paint is that it’s easier to apply without experience than wallpaper.

Wallpaper is trickier to apply; lots can go wrong and as it’s more expensive, there’s more at stake. If you make an error, you can’t paint over it.

Hiring a decorator for wallpaper installation is something to consider when making your choice. It’s not worth experimenting if a DIY fail will result in more harm than good.

Is Paint or Wallpaper (or Both) Better For Your Home? - Paint 2

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In Conclusion

Both wallpaper and paint are great decorating choices:

  • both can be cheap (remember: cheap wallpaper will be thin and cheap paint will need more coats)
  • both can be impressive (there are plenty of finishes to play with – from satin and eggshell to cracked or gloss)

You might find you fancy using a combination of both (statement walls are always a big hit)!

Whatever you choose, the most important thing is to prepare and don’t cut corners. Remember, if in doubt, get the professionals in.

If you decide that you’d like to paint the interior of your home, submit a free request for interior painting! You’ll get custom, detailed bids from painters who are ready to help.