Mon, February 19, 2018

7:00 PM – 8:30 PM EST


Do you have a space in your home or office that is frustrating you?

Are you feeling cluttered and unorganized?

Would you like your environment to feel more inspiring and effecient?

Join Anja for Make Over Monday and get hands-on practical help to transform a specific challenge you are facing in your home or office!

Bring in pictures and your questions and Anja will work with you to come up with simple and quick solutions!

Creating a relaxing and soothing environment frees us up to be more creative, confident and productive! From an office shelf or desk, to the placement of furniture in a room…Anja can help you find FLOW in your SPACE!


Anja Lavigne is a House Coach whose work supports individuals in achieving their full potential through changing the quality of their personal environment. By assessing their personal space, she determines how the state of her clients’ surroundings can best support them in realizing their goals.

Anja has had over 14 years experience working as a leading home staging consultant, having been one of Toronto’s pioneers in the field. A great part of her success can be attributed to her care and attention to building excellent working relationships with her clients. As a result, she has built a thriving business that has included consultations, full home staging, organization and moving services.

Anja’s new endeavours in House Coaching has allowed her to merge her home staging knowledge and skills with her desire to work more closely with individuals in achieving their maximum growth potential. By shifting and maximizing the quality of an individual’s space, Anja helps to remove energetic blocks that adversely affect and inhibit their personal growth. Ultimately, Anja’s aim is to provide her clients with tools to help them independently continue to refresh and maintain supportive living spaces.