Having a small kitchen is a usual trouble for apartments. No matter how small your space might be, there are always solutions to make it feel bigger and more functional! 

1. Use your kitchen’s empty walls.  

Shelves for vases and mugs, hooks for towels, aprons, oven mitts and mugs can be used for both aesthetic and storage purposes, since they keep the surface of the kitchen free. Cabinets, as opposed to open shelves, can often make a space feel more closed in than it really is. Furthermore, you can remove some cabinet doors or replace the solid fronts with glass. Since it is in a common view, every utilitarian object must be aesthetically treated.

2. Use the space above the kitchen cabinets.  

This space can be useful for storing things that you do not need to have in your feet. Putting shelves or things up to the ceiling makes the room feel taller. 

3. Use an island or a trolley.

The island can be used for preparing food, for serving it, but also for storage. Even if you don’t think that you have enough space remember that kitchen islands don’t have to float in the middle of the room. They can be pushed up against the wall. Especially if it has wheels it can be used as a portable party bar and in many other ways!

4. Place a bar instead of a kitchen table

If you don’t have much space to set up a dining table or if the one you have occupies a lot of living space you can replace it with a bar. The bar is narrower than a table and can also be used as a partition between spaces. 

5. Light your space. 

Bright rooms always feels bigger than the dark ones. Paint the walls with bright colors, replace dark-colored cabinets, choose light-colored flooring and tiles, install more lighting. Windows, which bring natural light, are really helpful. Use transparent and light-colored window curtains or coverings to increase the natural light.  

6. Open your kitchen to the rest of the house. 

By removing a part of the dividing wall between your kitchen and the living room, you can add an eating surface that wouldn’t fit in a narrow kitchen. It won’t increase the square footage of the kitchen, but it can also enlarge the sense of space, bringing in more light and a feeling of openness.