LZF, a well-known brand within the illumination sector, produces and sells an enormous variety of handmade lamps made of wood.

LZF uses wood, its primary material, as a tool to communicate its values. Through wood, the company demonstrates its belief in and commitment to ecology, sustainability and innovation. From the outset, LZF sought to pursue the properties of wood, demonstrating its unique potential in lighting design. Wood is an unparalleled light diffuser that’s able to create memorable experiences. Wood is the axis on which each of LZF’s products and its brand identity revolve. Treated with much consideration and respect, LZF’s handmade wood lights are expertly mastered and benefit from meticulous attention to detail. 

Agatha, the dramatic lamp

With an arresting and dramatic demeanour, Agatha fills the room with her ambient glow and appealing body. Designed by Luis Eslava, Agatha’s elegant interlacing whorls of handmade wood veneer strips spring concentrically from its centre, their mass blossoming and flourishing. Inspired by the celebrated English writer Agatha Christie (fittingly, the light’s structure somewhat resembles the author’s wavy coiffure), the Agatha lamp is sculptural, physical and versatile. Available as a small or large suspension lamp and as a suspension ball, Agatha’s shape alters to some degree —depending upon the angle from which it is viewed— so teasing and titillating the viewer.

Spiro, the irresistible light

Op art (optical art) developed in the 1960s as an artistic style that used geometric shapes to generate optical illusions. With a nod to the genre, designer Remedios Simón created Spiro, a charismatic pendant whose frame contains a mass of irregular wood veneer spirals. Available in six outer shell versions (cherrywood or red veneer, large acrylic white or black, medium acrylic white or black), Spiro is an impressive light with an enchanting aura. Similar to op art, Spiro plays with the physiology and psychology of human perception, its charm utterly irresistible.



Orbit, the thoughtful light

With its thoughtful air, the ovalesque Orbit light will decorate any wall with quiet self-assurance. Created by Spanish designer Miguel Herranz, Orbit is an unfussy lamp whose shape is handmade by twisting a piece of wood veneer. Two designs are feasible, depending on the direction of torsion—that is how the wood veneer is twisted.

Light from the Orbit is diffused both upwards and downwards via its two apertures and an inner glow radiates outwards, accentuating the beauty of the timber veneer grain. In essence, just as the earth is in orbit around the sun, light is in orbit around the Orbit.


Pleg, the origami light

The Pleg wall light resembles a folded sheet of paper, putting one in mind of a decorative piece of origami. Designed by Yonoh Estudio Creativo, Pleg is perfect for cosy spaces, bedsides and alcoves, owing to its small size.

Pleg can be installed in four different positions, with light diffused horizontally or vertically from its open sides. At the same time, light emanates warmly through the attractive bent wood veneer. Straightforward, smart and subtle, the Pleg light is modest and charming.

Asterisco, the clever lamp

Asterisco is an imaginatively designed table lamp that combines four discrete components: a shade, stem, lectern and red cloth cord. In a nod to its name, the light acts as an asterisk (*): a pointer to the handy lectern below.

Designed by Cuatro Cuatros. A delightfully quirky character, the Asterisco lamp’s clever construction is perfect for writing notes and leaning a book, making it the ideal companion for a variety of personalities: from the assiduous administrator to the creative chef, and the studious student to the wise wordsmith.


Escape, the assured light

Escape is an avant-garde pendant with a smart domino-like structure. Its self-supporting veneer panels give the impression of falling into a ring of light, their form defying gravity.Designed by Ray Power, Escape is a truly handsome, self-assured light. While enjoying a little bit of swagger and appearing fairly pleased with itself, the Escape pendant’s manner is bright and buoyant. Moreover, Escape is entirely affable, having an approachable quality that is perfect for any well turned out setting.

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