place to write, a place to sleep, a lot of room for paintings and mainly libraries because I have too many books…

Based on the above, A2 Architects redesigned a small two bedroom apartment (90 m2).

The main structural element is a large curved library which separates the living spaces from the master bedroom. The hidden door leading to the bedroom, cabinets and surfaces for paintings, add a welcome complexity to the separating element of the library.The living spaces were designed with an open plan concept. The small but functional kitchen with the dining room are placed on the left of the entrance, whereas the living room is organized in front of the large windows and the fireplace. The small window of the kitchen was widened sufficiently, in order to increase the light and the view of the trees that surrounds the building.The bedroom is visually expanded by the open bath-shower while the wc was designed to operate separately and independently for visitors. The furniture of the apartment was a combination of the owner`s favorite furniture with some new additions.

Source: http://a2architects.gr/