They are great for the environment and great for your space. From reclaimed wood paneling and recycled glass countertops to formaldehyde-free cabinets and solar paneling, the Earth-friendly possibilities are endless. But don’t think that any of these updates are short on style! In fact, we think you’ll be surprised by the amazing possibilities below.

As you scan the images and think about ways to add environmentally safe materials to your home, start with the updates and features that you actually need. You can do a survey of your space.

For example, does the tile backsplash in your kitchen need updating? Have you been looking to add an accent wall of wooden planks to a room that could benefit from texture and dimension? Is there a space in your home in need of repainting? You’ll be surprised by how easy these updates can be, and even more delighted by the eco-friendly options that await you…

1. Update an area of your home using recycled glass.

2. Incorporate salvaged wood and metal into your space.

3. Make use of antique or salvaged accent pieces.

4. Use the sun to your advantage.

5. Choose bamboo over hardwood flooring.
6. Update your kitchen with formaldehyde-free cabinets.
7. Paint a room in your house using low-VOC or VOC-free paint.
8. Ensure that your space is well-insulated.