BSB Design announced Abōd Shelters design challenge winners!

In September, BSB Design Leadership announced its’ latest design challenge to their employees located in several offices across the US. The challenge was to develop a solution to affordable housing for under $2,500, intended to update the current Abōd design. The current Abōd design offers a classic elegance that adapts well for a broad range of uses but needed to be redefined to be taken into the future.

Abōd Shelters provides a wide range of options for low cost housing and inspires community design in areas that are presently informal settlements or where large numbers of families lack homes of any substance. They have been used not only for homes, but also for dormitories, classrooms, medical and birthing facilities.

The design had to be at least 150 sq. ft. and accommodate a family of four and the materials list had a maximum cost of $2500. 

The 11 teams that participated, worked over the last several weeks to design and develop a new iteration that can be manufactured and packaged for global distribution. 

The 1st place winning design which was announced in December, Team PLACE, consisted of five individuals out of BSB Design’s Tampa office; Ed Binkley / Director of Design, Bob Boyd / Director of Land Planning, Josh Nieland / Project Manager, Jolanta Bauer / Director of Architecture Development and Camila Gioppo / Senior Intern Architect.

Team PLACE designed a prototype, V3, that successfully upgraded the current Abod design for the future, but also could be transformed with add-ons for use as tiny homes, resort communities, personal auxiliary buildings and a multitude of functions beyond the initial design challenge goal. 

Other uses include use within the Tiny Home market, millennial’s or first-time buyers as an affordable housing option, auxiliary buildings or personal home lots that can be used for AirBNB, guests or rental income as well as student housing and affordable apartment units.

The model sits at 8 feet wide and 20 feet long, at 160 sq. ft. The design has an option to add on a bath and/or kitchen module, as well as additional square feet for more living space.