From classic and refined to minimalist and mid-century modern, the most exciting houses are those with antique pieces that are carefully chosen, personally meaningful, and thoughtfully displayed. 

Decorating a room with different furniture styles, colors, and patterns is fashionable and fresh but it can also be hard to pull off if you’re not familiar with how to do it. 

Here are 3 easy interior design techniques for mixing antique and modern design so that your space looks considered and not chaotic.

Something Old, Something New 

In creating an inviting atmosphere in a space, the true decorative essence often lies in mixing it up pairing old and new. How? Contrast!  

Just as if you were contrasting colors from opposite sides of the color wheel, you need to add a little yin to the yang with your furniture and décor. 

Transcend time periods. The mix of contemporary furniture with antique accessories will give your home a distinctive personality unlike anyone else’s. 

Stay Focused

Every room needs a focal point. One easy way to “stay focused” is to first buy one antique piece that will work as a focal point like a large gilded mirror, an oil painting, or other larger-than-average piece with larger-than-life personality. 

Use this decorative cornerstone to select the rest of your antique pieces, rather than just buying everything you want and only some of what you need.

Group Decorative Objects and Elements by Color

Use antique accessories in different hues that complement the dominant color in a room. Vintage or antique pottery, glassware, or books with colorful spines are great ways to introduce color and will make the room more visually interesting. 

Vary the size and shape of objects in your groupings to make them more interesting. And keep in mind that grouping like objects together, for example a collection of blue and white Chinese vases and ginger jars on a shelf, entry table, or mantle will make more of an impact than scattering them about a room.

If you want to decorate your home by mixing antiques with contemporary furnishings then simply remember the 3-styling tips, as well as the art of balance and scale, authenticity and the importance of adding something unexpected.